-9 M to 0 Year

     This section will tell you all about the period commencing -9 Months to when I was born!


On a very early Sunday morning end of May mommy did the test to find out if she was pregnant as she had missed out on a period during their short holiday to Durban, South Africa in May 2005. And yes the stick showed a positive result, mommy of course told daddy who woke up of all the sounds mommy was making. He fell back in his pillows again :-)


This is the first ultrasound made of me! It was made in the hospital on the 13th June 2005. The ultrasound shows that I am about 2,38 cm big, very small hey!


This is de second ultrasound which was made of me. Because mommy turned 36 in week 19 of her pregnancy, daddy and mommy asked for a so called combination test to check if everything was okay with me. Within a few days after the ultrasound and the blood test the positive news already arrived! By the way on this ultrasound I am already 6,14 cm.


This is the third ultrasound made of me. Daddy and mommy went to Baby Dream in Alphen aan den Rijn on the 17th of September because they wanted to see me again.
Also they were eager to find out if I really was of the female sex which they both thought or if they were going to see a little stick. They got a nice DVD of the whole session and also a lot of pictures and it was really clear to see that I was really a girl!


This is one of the many loads of clothes washings mommy had. Mommy got a lot of clothes from auntie Maaike and uncle Tudor. My nephew Casper used these clothes, but a lot of it is uni-sex or simply very nice so mommy took it with her to wash for me to wear it. On the picture you can also see a piece of my room, very soft blue carpet and blue luxaflex. Some people might think that daddy and mommy thought I was going to be a boy, but that is absolutely not true! The upper level of our house is blue and therefore my room is too! And blue is also mommy's favorite color!


This is the fourth and last ultrasound made of me. During the regular check with the mid-wife on the 7th December it appeared I was most likely lying in breech presentation. The mid-wife decided mommy had to go to the hospital to have an ultrasound taken. I most likely lay wrongly as in the night of the 8th December mommy had very strange cramps and pains in her belly. On the ultrasound on the 9th December it showed that I lay very nicely with my head down as I should!


Finally herewith two pictures of my room. Here you can see my changing cushion, on top of it is a quilt mommy made ages ago. On the shelves you can see all sorts of things I already got from various people! Amongst other things you will see little shoes from Kudu leather which my daddy found in De Rust in South Africa, a gecko from thread and beads which daddy and mommy bought in Camps Bay, a koala from auntie Fiona in Australia, a wooden doll from grandma and grandpa den Otter which they bought in Moscow and a rattle from uncle Maarten and auntie Helena also from Moscow where they live. And of course a lot of cuddly animals! The nice doll with the pink dress which is called Charlotte mommy got from Santa during Christmas 2005.

Here you see my bed, ready made so I can come. In my bed mommy already put two nice cuddle animals, a very cute soft and colorful tiger which grandma and grandpa Krook bought for me, grandma could not resist it she told mommy!
Grandma den Otter made my curtains and the canopy over my bed, it was quite some work she told mommy, I am sure to believe that!

  Photo's: Hildo Krook & Francisca den Otter 
Text: Francisca den Otter