3 to 4 Year

This section will tell you all about the period commencing my third birthday until my fourth one!

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Happy New Year! Lighting sparkle stars together with my nephew Casper at grandma and grandpa's place.



At home lighting some more with daddy.
I like them so much!



Playing at grandma and grandpa 'far-away' at the little children's table!



Wow that's weird, you can walk on the stream because it's frozen! First I was a bit scary but later I really enjoyed it!



Dad en me feeding the ducks.



Just a beautiful picture because of the lightning.



Me and daddy playing!



It's my birthday! Just out of bed and opening presents!
Hurray! 3 Years now!



Celebrating my birthday at day-care was a lot of fun as you can see!



Saturday 24th January I had a little party for family and friends...a lot of photo's!


Playing 'I am ill' with Zo, and of course wearing a nurse costume!



Building a high tower of my Duplo bricks is fun!



Just some nice photo's!



Mommy bought be a bikini - like it's summer already!



Having fun while playing with my friend Zo!



I was dressed as Tinker Bell during Carnival; at daycare I was painted nicely to match my costume!!

Photo's: Hildo Krook & Francisca den Otter 
Text: Francisca den Otter