2 to 3 Year

This section will tell you all about the period commencing my second birthday until my third one!

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Look at my lovely dancing dress!!


With the bus to Schiphol to see planesl!



I made a bed for myself and 'pepe' on the attic!



Watching cartoons on you-tube on daddy's desk!


Biking in the Amsterdam Forrest!


Playing after dinner.


My big friend Zo was playing over at my house and we crawled secretly into mommy and daddy's bed to read books!


Snow! We went outside for a little walk of course!!



This is the car I want when I am 18!


Saint Nicholas-evening; there was a loud bang on the door and then there was a big bag with my name on it filled with presents from Saint Nicholas and Piet!


Christmas evening, both mommy and I am wearing a dress!



First day of Christmas: unwrapping presents! Grandma & Grandpa and Tudor & Maaike and Casper where over at our place.


I did not fancy the ice cream (I prefer soft-ice or water-ice) however the sparklers I did like!!



Second day of Christmas: more presents! Today Grandma & Grandpa faraway where at our place!



Grandma's ice-cream I did not fancy, to me it looked like the food our cat Cheetah gets on Saturday's! But again the sparklers where nice!



Sunday 28th December mommy had a meeting with forum friends and their children. We went to Dippie Doe in Best, it was a lot of fun!!

Photo's: Hildo Krook & Francisca den Otter 
Text: Francisca den Otter