Did you know? [2007]

This page will list the nice facts about me from 2007!
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* Playing with all my gifts on the morning of the second day of Christmas!

* On the first day of Christmas I went into the bath with Casper! We had a lot of fun!

* I have been on the most south-western point of the African continent? With mommy and daddy!

* A cup of Danone yoghurt tastes extra nice when you eat it outdoors!

* I ate fresh plums which I had harvested myself while we were in Montagu.

* Were we in Italy or in South Africa?

* During our holiday I sat in a nice kids seat on the backseat of the car....did sleep in the seat as wel!

*Daddy and I feeded the ostriches during our visit to the Cango Ostrich Farm!

* Last year I was sitting in my stroller when we walked the longest suspension bridge in Monkeyland...this time I was high and safe up in daddy's arms!

* In Monkeyland I saw some big turtles too!

* The Mugg & Bean does also serve toast with jam!

* From the 14th November until the 28 we rented a very nice house on Colabeach in Sedgefield, have a look yourself!

* That apart from elephants I saw quite a lot of other animals in Addo Elephant Park?

* I wore white pants when I played with Reuben?

* On our day of arrival in the holiday I went with mommy in the big bathtub! That was a lot of fun!

* I am a sleeping beauty...!

* I like Nutella on my bread or my cracker for lunch!

* I am having a very haughty look, did you know that?

* Cheetah and I like to play....!

* 11th October another visit to the hairdresser, before and after!

* I can phone did you know that? Here am I 'phoning' daddy to tell him that the new carpet was laid and that mommy had rearranged the bedroom!

* 8th September, another visit to Artis Zoo!

* At our local AH/grocery store you could have your photo taken....of course mommy had to do that!

* 18th August, mommy and daddy celebrated their both birthdays and I have been playing with my nephew Casper and my niece Paula in my sandbox, there was just enough room for the three of us!

* 9th Augustus went to Blijdorp, the Zoo in Rotterdam, with mommy and daddy!

* 4th August, went to Artis Zoo with mommy and daddy!

* 28th July I got my first portion of potato crisps, we had visitors, Abel and his mother and father visited us. The two of us played nicely together and we both had our little bowl of crisps!

* I've got a rucksack with my name on it!

* Since 6th July I have a new little niece, her name is Sophia en she is Paula's little sister. I visited them with mommy and then this nice photo was taken!!

* Mommy had a voucher for a photo shoot, so I have been posing nicely!

* Mama had bought some nice designer label clothes for me and I was totally in love with all those new clothes!!

* 7th June, second visit to the hairdresser!

* As from beginning of May you have been wearing your sleeping bag backwards!

* As from April you started wearing size 80cm, prior to that you wore it sometimes, but now it fits nicely!

* 7th April, we see a first back tooth coming!

* 22nd March I walked all by myself! Prior to that I walked quite a bit holding both hands from either mommy or daddy, behind my walker or behind my little chair, but now all by myself...and it's great!

* On 3rd February mommy and daddy bought so called pre-shoes for me, I am walking behind my walker quite a bit and such shoes do look better than my slippers of course!

* I have been spoiled with my birthday! Look at all the presents I got!

* I like nice food: smoked eel for instance or cheese!

*21st January: practicing behind my walker!

* 19th January I had my birthday and I had some nice goodies with me to the daycare center!

* 18th January: I love to phone...especially with daddy's cell phone/mobile!

* 10th January mommy and daddy put my bed on the lowest setting. It was already lower then before but I was sitting upright in my bed the last couple of days so it was getting a bit tricky!

* 8th January 2007 you managed to pull yourself on your feet in your playpen!



  Photo's: Hildo Krook & Francisca den Otter 
Text: Francisca den Otter