Did you know? [2006]

This page will list some nice facts about me!

10th January mommy and daddy put my bed on the lowest setting. It was already lower then before but I was sitting upright in my bed the last couple of days so it was getting a bit tricky!

8th January 2007 you managed to pull yourself on your feet in your playpen!

19th December I sat in a shopping trolley chair for the first time, I really enjoyed it!

On Wednesday 29th November Sinterklaas visited my nursery, I was a little bit scared in the beginning.

On 26th November mommy and daddy put my playpen on the lowest level.

In our B&B in Cape Town I was playing around with a paper bag, then mommy and daddy made fun with me!!

I saw sharks! Well there was a thick wall of glass between the two of us! We went to the Two Oceans Aquarium in Cape Town. Besides sharks I saw a whole lot of other nice fish!

In South Africa they have these great nice and clean baby changing facilities. In The Netherlands these are almost impossible to find and even then they are not that clean and absolutely not for free!

On 5th November I felt the Indian Ocean for the first time!

On 3rd November mommy and daddy brushed my teeth for the first time!

The sack 'n seat has been my chair during our holiday, it was a great seat, was easy to carry and was washable! For these rare occasions we could not use it there was always mommy's lap to sit on! And if you need to wait too long for you ordered meal you can always start to eat the table!

A showing of love is biting in ones nose!

I always want to have the toy which is lying on the bottom of the toy-box!

According to mommy I am going to like to read, according to daddy I am going to work in the IT...yeah right! I just loved playing around with this magazine!

On 30th September mommy and daddy saw something white in my mouth, they say I am going to get teeth!

Since the end of September I can wave like a Queen and clap my hands!

Since 19th September I am having a Danoontje Start desert after my dinner, I love it!

Most of the time I enjoy my food, here you can see me enjoying two mashed peaches and here I am eating a cookie all by myself...mommy and daddy forgot to take a photo of the floor (haha) it was a total mess they said! Last but not least here you see melon ready to be mashed!

Since I now can sit, I want to sit everywhere...with a little help of daddy!

Mommy had made me spaghetti Bolognese, I had to try, I'm not sure if I like it though! But what is fun is that you can pull it out of your mouth with your fingers...and now I have had enough of it, I do not want anymore!

I start to enjoy bread more and more, waiting anxiously for my lunch...but mommy what is this that you now put on my bread? Syrup? Eeehm...Oooh well yummie!

I did sail in my Miffy boat in the swimming pool...at home it was just to try it out, but am I right that the blue duvet looks like the sea or not?

I love to make a mess of my bed! Two nice ones I want you to see...a lot of cuddle toys or what?!

I like these rice-crackers, see me enjoying it! Mommy says it make less mess than other baby-cookies, like I care about that!

1st August my niece Paula had her 2nd birthday. She lives with her mommy and daddy (my mommies brother) in Moscow, so we do not see each other that often, I had to give her a good hug. She let me play with the gift-wrapping paper and her balloon, that was very sweet of her!

When mommy and daddy heard me on the 27th June at 7.00 o'clock I was lying  backwards in my bed!

Until now mommy has made me a lot of fruit mashes: pear with kiwi, pear with strawberries, melon with strawberries, melon with banana, peach with strawberries, mango with papaya, mango on itself and strawberries, look how I did enjoy that one!

Like my mommy I like to read a book in bed.

3th June mommy went with a bunch of other 'January 2006 mommy’s' from the Baby-box forum to the Blijdorp Zoo. From left to right you find: Gaby with daughter Amy, mommy and me, Wendy with son Jason, Inge with daughter Sophie and Iris with daughter Dominique. On this photo you see our prams! It was a great day, we had lovely weather thus will for sure repeat this again!

Since 25th May mommy is feeding me mashed fruit and vegetables. I do prefer fruit above veggies. Apple and pear mash are both very nice but that carrot mash...

I am enjoying myself very well at the nursery. On two Wednesday's we went for a walk to the market. The first time in week 17 it was still a bit cold, but the next time in week 18, it was very nice an warm we had a picnic with the whole group and I even drank my bottle on a terrace. Very nice!

I am letting you have a peak in my clothing clothing cabinet....

On 1st May my mommy goes back to work again, on Monday's, Wednesday's and Friday's I will go to 'de Boefjes' group at the nursery 'de Blokkendoos' this is one of the two baby groups they have there.

From 21st April until 23rd April me and my parents went away for the weekend. We went to a very nice hotel called De Holtweijde which is situated in Lattrop which is in the Twente area. On the Saturday I went swimming with daddy, after my swim mommy wrapped me in my bathrobe and gave me my bottle of milk. Relaxing on daddy's shoulder after all of this is the best one can do! On the Sunday morning mommy went swimming with me, when I finished my bottle after the swim we went back to our home. I thoroughly enjoyed the weekend and so did mom & dad!

I can grab things really well already, for instance a rattle, of course I shake with it quite loud too!

I have been in the shower with daddy on the 1st April. Mommy wrapped me in my towel which is always waiting for me in the washbasin and then she dressed me on my dressingcushion on my chest of drawers.

I like to 'talk' to mommy or daddy when they dress me. However as soon as they pull something over my head I start to cry.

I like to sleep on my right side. Because of this I am lying backwards in my bed during the day to encourage me to sleep on my left side looking at the light. Sometimes they can fool me but sometimes I just stick to the right side.

I like to poop in a clean diaper. Most of all I enjoy doing this after my last bottle in the evening...when mommy wants to go to bed!

I like to go in the bath, I like to tread water.

Foto's: Hildo Krook & Francisca den Otter 
Teksten: Francisca den Otter