Did you know?

This page will list some nice facts about me!
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* Ik like merry-go-rounds! Check these out...4th December, 28th December and 31st December!

* Did you know I like playing house and mommy and daddy? The living room is my playground then? Especially when mommy needs to clean it!!

* Mommy made a nice collage for Rainbowbabies, I am wearing their clothes since I was 9 months and they celebrated their 5th anniversary the 28th October already!

* Playing around with a laundry basket...isn't that fun!

* I love my bubble bath!

* Grandma who lives far away made me this dress. I like it very much as I can dance with it, but yeah I was the one who choose the fabric!

* On this photo I am exactly 2 years and 8 months old! Besides that I love my shirt with the sandwiches!

* I sometimes stand on my table in the attic...

* Blowing bubbles is always fun....however you should not drink it!

* In Artis Zoo some of the animals doe walk freely, the Maki's at the Lemuren-island, I did like that a lot!

* Mommy had bought me some clothes and I was willing enough to pose like a supermodel!

* Rainbowbabies has a 'send your holiday card and win competition', as the post from Bali takes forever to reach The Netherlands mommy made a nice photo card with photos of me wearing Rainbowbabies clothes...ooh and mommy does use their  bandanas so she is on it too! :-)

* Going out for dinner is something I enjoy!

* We've visited various temples while on Bali; one has to wear a sarong, also daddy, and sometimes you get a scarf around your waist.

* Mommy made me beautiful for dinner...a small ponytail in my hair!

* In our hotel in Candi Dasa I had my own private pool...

* Taking a stroll I do for sure enjoy...especially when I can sit in my stroller!

* Ooh my! Having sand on your feet must be terrible while you're playing on the beach. The beach here consists of black volcano sand.

* During one of our transfer tours I fell asleep....very unique as there was so much to see from the car all the time. Also the soother you see on the picture is gone! Since 7th July 2008 I am officially soother free! Big girl!

* In Lovina we went twice for lunch at 1000 Dream Bungalows & Restaurant...they had tricycle which I was allowed to use and a gamelan (xylofoon) to make music on!

* Without speaking each others language you can have much fun together with a cap of a bottle!

* Everybody thought I was very cool with my sunglasses on when we where taking a walk from our cottage through the rice paddies to Ubud!

* During our stay in Ubud there was another Dutch couple with three girls: baby Emma of 5 months, Mette from 2 years and Sarah from 3,5 years, with the last two I had much fun playing! After playing standing on a row for the photo!

* In our hotel in Ubud there was so much to see: swimming pool, play room and back again...I explored it all with a little suitcase from the play room in my hands!

* I do enjoy lounging on a sun lounger at the beach?!

* I had two suitcases with me on holiday, the orange one with my clothes and the other one with all my toys! On the collage you see: ready to go, running around with my suitcase/backpack on my back and enjoying the child friendly plane meal of fish and chips!

* 20th May mommy and I went for a trip to Artis Zoo, there was a little boy and the two of us did like each other very much! Furthermore we had lunch on a bench and I sat in one of these nice pull-cars the have there!

* I've got a nice tent to play outside with, however with rain it's also nice to play inside...guess who liked my tent too?

* I'm a phone addict, sometimes I call my granny, sometimes I call grandpa, then again Casper and even Paula....it's for sure good that it's not real otherwise daddy's phone bill would be enormous!

* 15th of April I went to the hairdresser again...'auntie' Karin made a nice hair-do!!

* I love to read books and of course I am a great mommy for my dolls!

* On my daycare we learned about the subject traffic....among other things we learned what a zebra-crossing is!

* I got a lot of presents at my birthday...have a look here!

* I had nice elephants to hand out on my birthday at daycare! My friends sang for me and I was entitled to sit in the birthday chair!


  Photo's: Hildo Krook & Francisca den Otter 
Text: Francisca den Otter